Protect ATM Data from Third-party Access
ATM KEYS enables you to generate encryption keys across your ATM network to protect the sensitive information that is transferred to and from your ATMs.

Decentralised and Secure key Issuance and Management API

ATM KEYS manages the secure issuance and distribution of encryption keys to encrypt personal and financial data transferred to and from your ATM network, making it unusable by hackers even if they intercept data during transfer.

Key Generation

ATM KEYS ensures the secure generation of encryption keys to your applications and HSM to prevent the intrusion of your customer’s personal & financial data as it travels through a public network.

Key Management

ATM KEYS manages the entire lifecycle of all keys. It offers a remote key management system that delivers automated key updates and distribution. It stores the keys and manages the distribution of the keys from the database across the entire network.

Generate, backup, restore and update keys

Distribution of keys

Import or export in key shares

Enforce security controls

Provide audit and usage logs


ATM MONIT allows you to monitor ATMs to ensure constant uptime so that your customers can perform transactions when they want to. You can get comprehensive information about transactions to enable you settle disputes faster. Your customers will appreciate the speed of support.

ATM Monit can detect, prevent and report suspicious activities like theft, vandalism and skimming and also provide you with accurate & real-time incident reports.
ATM Monit automates tasks that would usually be handled by an employee, like security, journaling, etc., giving your employees time to focus on other core business aspects.
Often disputes arise due to a lack of transaction information. ATM Monit allows you to receive detailed status reports of all transactions, so you always know if money has been paid to a customer, has been left at an ATM, or has been transferred to the next user.

Flexible Product, built with your business needs in mind

Allows for seamless integration to support your existing system and infrastructure and can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.

Our product reduces the cost and complexity involved in building high-quality products and delivering delightful user experiences.


We deliver security where you need it and reliable infrastructure that enables innovation within the banking and payments ecosystem.


Our people are always available to talk to you to ensure that you integrate smoothly and build your products with minimal roadblocks.


We are constantly innovating and improving our product as well as releasing new features, ensuring that your company is equipped with the tools needed to build for the future.

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