Multi-channel PIN issuance solution that allows customers to set PINs for their cards on mobile, in-branch, USSD, POS devices, and more.

Instant PIN solution for newly generated bank cards

TWIG SECURE Instant PIN is a software solution that powers PIN management for financial institutions. Instant PIN ensures that your customers can conveniently and securely setup and update PIN for their cards in and outside your branch.

Secure Issuance of Debit and Credit Card PINs with our Sub-products

TWIG Secure POS In-branch Self-Serve

Allow your customers to select and update their PIN via self-service using a POS device inside your branch.

TWIG Secure POS In-branch

Allow your customers to select and update their PIN using a POS device inside your branch with the help of a PIN officer.

TWIG Secure POS Off-site

Allow your customers to select and update their PIN using a POS device from an authorised agent outside the bank branch.

TWIG Secure Self-Serve Channels

Allow your customers to use self-service channels like ATM, mobile, USSD, web, etc, to select and update their PIN instantly.

Convenient and secure PIN selection through POS, ATM & mobile channels

Instant PIN solution that enables your customers to create PINs on newly generated bank cards via POS in and outside your bank branch, via ATM and self-service using web, mobile app or USSD.


Delights your customers with an immediate activation and PIN issuance for their newly generated cards.

Supports all card providers, including VISA, Mastercard, Verve and EMP.

Multi-channel PIN issuance allows your customers to select their PIN how they want conveniently.

Delivers PIN securely and integrates with other software like BCSS, Active directory, Host Security Module (HSM), Front End Processor (FEP), and more.

Flexible product, built with your business needs in mind


Allows for seamless integration to support your existing system and infrastructure and can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.


Our product reduces the cost and complexity involved in building high-quality products and delivering delightful user experiences.


We deliver security where you need it and reliable infrastructure that enables innovation within the banking and payments ecosystem.


Our people are always available to talk to you to ensure that you integrate smoothly and build your products with minimal roadblocks.


We are constantly innovating and improving our product as well as releasing new features, ensuring that your company is equipped with the tools needed to build for the future.

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