Seamless In-branch transactions

Enable your customers to perform in-branch transactions using payment cards or biometric verification.

Convenient & Secure Customer Experience

TWIG SECURE offers a convenient and secure way to carry out transactions in-branch. Your customers can perform transactions like withdrawals, cash deposits, transfers and more using their cards and PIN on a POS device or via biometric verification, over-the-counter.

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POS Teller In-Branch

POS Teller solution enables banks to provide fast and secure cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, as well as other teller and customer service transactions at the branch to its customers, using payment cards and PINs.


Enable your customers to use biometric verification to make secure and fast cash deposits, withdrawals, and other over-the-counter transaction at the branch without the need for slips and lengthy forms.

Delight your customers with convenient and secure in-branch experiences

The solution is designed with your customer in mind and ensures effective, quick, and secure service when customers carry out transactions in your branch.


In-branch transactions are usually not so convenient for customers, with long wait times and various slips/forms. TWIG Secure helps financial institutions provide better customer experiences in-branch.


Delightful customer experiences

Faster in-branch transactions

Transaction tracking, monitoring and history

Real-time customer identification and authentication

POS Terminal or PIN management

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant

Flexible product, built with your business needs in mind


Allows for seamless integration to support your existing system and infrastructure and can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.


Our product reduces the cost and complexity involved in building high-quality products and delivering delightful user experiences.


We deliver security where you need it and reliable infrastructure that enables innovation within the banking and payments ecosystem.


Our people are always available to talk to you to ensure that you integrate smoothly and build your products with minimal roadblocks.


We are constantly innovating and improving our product as well as releasing new features, ensuring that your company is equipped with the tools needed to build for the future.

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