Issue instant Physical Cards In-Branch

Delight your customers with customisable cards in-branch. Print and activate Mastercard, Visa & Verve cards instantly.

An API for quickly creating, printing, and managing physical cards in the branch

TWIG SECURE I-CARD allows you to easily create, manage, and scale debit/credit cards. Get started in minutes and control every detail, from card design to printing and card management.

Flexible to integrate ― easy to use

Traditionally, card issuance has involved extensive development time, leading to more customer wait times. With TWIG SECURE I-CARD, we take away the complexity so you can start creating cards faster and scale more efficiently with an API that integrates easily with your existing directory.

Instant Issuing

TWIG SECURE I-CARD allows instant issuing and visual customisation of debit and credit cards from different payment schemes (Visa, Mastercard and Verve). These cards are activated as soon as they are issued and can be used immediately, which is a strong selling point for end customers.

Card Management System

Create cards that work exactly how you want them to – print cards and manage PIN selection. Make real-time decisions on charges, set spending limits or authorise cards for any type of transaction. Block stolen cards and replace them instantly.

A flexible card program that benefits you and your customers

An easy way to offer debit and credit cards to your customers. Take advantage of our easy-to-integrate APIs, transparent transaction data, and real-time account management possibilities. With compliance and security built-in, your customers will be safe using their cards.

Choose from our full suite of services, including instant card issuance, print management, and more.

Rest easy with a secure card printing system

Provide a seamless user experience by providing cards quickly

Decide where the card can be used and what it can be used for.

With TWIG SECURE I-CARD, you issue debit and credit cards that are…


Choose features and services from our offerings and design a debit and credit card to fit you and your customers exact needs.

Secure and compliant

Benefit from industry-leading uptime, 24/7 fraud monitoring, dispute management, PCI-DSS compliance, and more.


Provide Mastercards, Verve cards, or Visa cards in 10 minutes. Reduce delays and get cards to your customers on the same day.

Flexible product, built with your business needs in mind


Allows for seamless integration to support your existing system and infrastructure and can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.


Our product reduces the cost and complexity involved in building high-quality products and delivering delightful user experiences.


We deliver security where you need it and reliable infrastructure that enables innovation within the banking and payments ecosystem.


Our people are always available to talk to you to ensure that you integrate smoothly and build your products with minimal roadblocks.


We are constantly innovating and improving our product as well as releasing new features, ensuring that your company is equipped with the tools needed to build for the future.

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